Original SexyKO Is Back!

May be farm or pk as a result of your choices

We are not affiliated in any way with Sexy-KO.com or any other site.

Sexy-KO.com was created by a corrupt moderator called "Ali Selcuk Akyuz" who was removed for allowing illegal things to happen.

His original nickname was "Loyd Phillips", but is now going under the nickname Marywanna.

The reason why changed his nickname is because he created a server called TEK-KO and failed.

Now he decided to create a new server, with a new nickname, and stealing our original server name "SexyKO" to attract our players.

He's claming that it was created by old admins from sexyko.net, which is not true at all.

He created it himself, with his random friends, and he was nothing but a corrup moderator, never became an admin.

If Sexy-KO.com had any of our original admins, or if it had permission to use our name, it would be running under this domain, sexyko.net.

Sexy-KO.com was registered in godaddy.com under the name "Ali Selcuk Akyuz". He has already changed it to protect his identity, but it's too late: here's the proof.


This is not a live version, this is a cached version. If u scroll down a bit, you can see the name "Ali Selcuk Akyuz" next to "Registrant Name"

Ask yourself this question, why would Marywanna, the owner of Sexy-KO.com, register his domain under the name of a random corrupt moderator?: because it's the same person.

Sadly for him, he's an amateur. He didn't know there was a way to protect his identity after registering a new domain. Now he does of course...

We have enabled forums.sexyko.net to allow everyone to discuss this issue.

Here you won't get your topic or post deleted for speaking the truth.

Note that this forum is the original one from sexyko.net and you can log in with your old account, or register a new one.